Making the most of unique town character

An Illustrated Guide to De Soto, Missouri Businesses and Organizations

Making the most of unique town character

Cherished Memories

What makes DeSoto different from other communities? As stores and architectural design become more uniform across the nation, the individuality disappears. Encouraging what makes DeSoto, Mo. unique helps to make it a destination for nearby and out of the area folks.

Edward T. McMahon writes in “The Place Making Dividend” on Planetizen:
“The more a community comes to look just like every other community, the less reason there is to visit. On the other hand, the more a community does to enhance its distinctive identity, whether that is natural, cultural, or architectural, the more reasons there are to visit. Why?”

Why go someplace if it’s just like some other place? Price and convenience always are big factors. If DeSoto can be competitive on those issues and add small town warmth, appearance and friendliness, everyone comes out ahead.

Pick two businesses on Main Street that are part of what makes DeSoto special. Make a personal commitment to visit them regularly and spend $25 per month. Consider it an investment in keeping DeSoto’s unique character strong.