Steady Steam of Autoflex Rail Cars

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Steady Steam of Autoflex Rail Cars

Union Pacific Autoflex near Main Street

In this clunky economy, it is reassuring to see all the new Autoflex railroad cars being made here in DeSoto at the Union Pacific DeSoto Car Shops. Every time we’re on Main Street, we see the partly completed and finished yellow and silver rail cars in various places around the rail yard. Politicians talk about creating jobs, but this is the real thing happening right here. We love that UP designed a needed product that is better than anything else currently available and is building it in DeSoto, Missouri. The new auto transport cars include several patented improvements that make the unit more secure and adjustable for various size vehicles inside.

When you see those Autoflex cars along Main Street, take pride in our community and the ingenuity and hard work of our local Union Pacific employees.

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